Newland Global Technology and Communications is a company that specializes in providing solutions and consulting in the area of soldier systems, communications and sensors.

Based on many years of experience a portfolio of representations and solutions has been built. Together with the customers, solutions meeting their requirements are being analyzed and addressed in an efficient and clever way. 

Especially in today‚Äôs rapidly changing operating environments there is a need for clever and usable solutions. Being ready and prepared requires constant access to the latest and the right information and systems and solutions need to be flexible and adaptable to the needs. 

Newland keeps an eye out towards the latest trends in technology and is there to bridge the gap between the operational area and the latest technology available.

Newland can also provide consultancy and advisor services in many areas of expertise, mainly focused on bridging the distance between Asia and Europe and vice versa. 

Actionable information & situational Awareness

Newland is part of a smart eco-system of expert companies, providing state of the art products and solutions to customers. Where ever the demand and the need for expertise is, we are happy to support and be of service.

Also, if there is a certain requirement, feel free to discuss it with us. We may be able to support and find the right solution for you.