Solutions & Offerings

Besides offering a portfolio of products, solutions and related services, Newland aims to provide consultancy services, advice as well as support in managing complex programs.

Possible areas of expertise in this field may be, but are not limited to:

  • Supporting entities in The Netherlands, Asia and Indonesia to find suppliers in Europe, N-America, and vice versa.
  • Supporting in finding markets and customers in Europe as well as Asia
  • Built & Maintain relation ships 
  • Support selection of reliable solutions
  • Support in finding and selecting partners for maintenance, spares etc.
  • Advice in ways to cooperate and partner
  • Support and manage complex programs

Area’s of operation: Defence, Security, Police and government.  Area’s of expertise: Land, Naval and Aerial units.

Advanced Battlefield Management System
Advanced Battlefield Management System

Advanced Integrated MANET communications system, capable of high-bandwidth Video and Voice in difficult terrain and inside buildings (Operations in Urban Terrain) or ships (VBSS). Integrating Sensors and Drones.

Example of a system-delivery, including all equipment and service (training etc).

Rescue BoatCommunication Products

  • Advanced Integrated MANET communication system enabling real time Video & Voice based on Wave relay technology.
  • Push to Talk systems and devices.
  • Headsets (ANR, light and heavy)
  • Covert communication solutions.
  • Intercom systems, for vehicles and boats.
  • Speaker Mics

Personal Protection Kit

Helmets and Vests


  • Shot detection system
  • UAV’s, Drones, mini-UAV
  • Concealed Weapon detection system
  • (Wearable and easy to deploy) detection system for Narcotics and Explosives. 
  • Optronics (NVG’s)

Command & Control Command and Control

  • BMS Software
  • Mobile Command Post Solutions